The Bottle Cap Challenge: What Is It and Why Has It Taken Over The Internet?


    And here we are again. We’ve moved on from PPAP, Bottle Flips, the Kiki Do You Love Me Challenge (dangerous, that one) and now the newest challenge has just gone viral. And this time, it’s about a bottle cap.

    What’s the Challenge?

    The Bottle Cap Challenge is the newest Internet sensation. It involves unscrewing the cap off a water bottle using one’s foot. The bottle is placed on a high surface with the cap loosely on top and then the foot is swung upwards in a flying kick to knock the cap right off. If the bottle topples, you lose.

    Well, this guy nailed it, but it’s not always that dramatic. It usually goes more like this:

    Who Started It?

    It’s almost impossible to trace a viral trend back to its origins. But the Bottle Cap Challenge was reportedly started by a mixed martial arts fraternity.

    UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway was one of the first known personalities to make it popular.

    He then passed on the challenge to musician John Mayer.

    Hollywood and Bollywood stars then began to attempt it too. And Jason Statham, Akshay Kumar and Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi were some of the latest to try it out.

    Akshay Kumar inspired by role model Jason Statham:


    Gully Boy superstar Siddhant Chaturvedi:

    No one can resist challenges when all their favourite celebs are doing them, right?

    Why The Bottle Cap Challenge Is So Fascinating?

    Well for one, the challenge is pretty hard to get right, but extremely rewarding when you do. And it’s satisfying to watch. Maybe even more so than bottle flips (although jury’s still out on that comparison).

    And there are endless variations to it, some funny, some banking on ridiculous.

    For example, this woman here throws her slippers on a tobacco sauce bottle:

    She pulled it off, but it could’ve ended in a sticky mess.

    And this man added some really great dance moves to the mix.:

    So what about you? Have you tried the bottle cap challenge yet? Link your videos in the comments section below!