The boys TV series is all the rage now: know everything about it


    What happens when superheroes use their powers for evil and not right? Amazon’s newest streaming The Boys is a tempting entry into the superhero genre, which is currently dominating film and television. This series will dive into a world where the superheroes are kept in line by a group of regular guys.

    The boys are based on an adult-rated comic series written by Garth Ennis. Season 1 of the boys has been released and season 2 is expected to be released soon. Many questions have surfaced after the first season. The items range from when will the second season release, how many episodes will it have, which The Boys cast member will return for season 2? Let’s try and get answers to these questions.

    SOURCE: Comic Book

    When will The Boys be released?
    There is no confirmation for the release date of the 2nd season. However, Rogen did reveal that filming for the season 2 has already begun, adding that the cast and the showrunners directly flew to the comic –con from their Toronto set explicitly for the panel. Considering that season 1 was released by late July, we wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 will be a summer release. However, at this rate, it is possible that the series could return sooner as the filming has already begun.

    How many episodes will be there in season 2?
    There has been no info on the number of episodes ordered for the second season, but most fans are expecting the same amount of the events as season 1. There is always a chance that Amazon may order a few more episodes depending on the success of season 1.

    Any new character to be added?
    It is also confirmed that Aya Cash will be added to cast. Aya Cash will play Stormfront. In the comics, Stormfront is a male villain who is part of the super-villain group.

    SOURCE: The Mary Sue

    What to expect from the second season?                                                                Season 1 delivered on its promises and was a huge hit among audiences all over. Critics and audience alike love the show, and it seems that The Boys is the fad in TV and movies. Amazon has a gold mine in its hand, and they will try their best to squeeze every ounce of gold from this mine. So we can expect season 2 to follow the path of its predecessor and find its way to everyone’s list of favorite superhero kind of shows.