The face app #agechallenge is the reason behind the pictures of old people on social media.


    Are you curious to see what might you look like 50 or 60 years from now?

    I am sure that you have noticed a lot of pictures of old celebrities on your social media. You have seen a bunch of celebrities and sports stars been posting their selfies in which they look older than their age. Let you tell this is not some special effects nor makeup make them watch this. Just some intelligent algorithm from an app called FaceApp make them look like this.

    The Face app #agechallenge and also tagged as #Faceappchallenge involves using FaceApp to augment your own or someone else’s face to look old. The face goes straight to your gallery and lets you pick up a photo from your gallery and using the AI edit that photo. This app helps you add new hairstyle, or it can force someone to smile.

    FaceApp launched on iOS in January 2017 and hit Android in February of the same year. It is free for all to download, but still, it has to face a lot of controversies. As because this app can change the skin that of the person, and this was the reason it becomes the accuse of being racist and secondly over privacy concerns.

    After two years it makes a great come back, and it was doing a great job of making users look old.

    Every social media site, even if it is Twitter or Instagram, these are filled with the example of the Face App #agechallenge. Chuckles and cringes aside, eventually you might pause again. As you stare at a beautiful celebrity now etched in wrinkles, you might find yourself reflecting on the terrifying brevity of life. Fun!

    Have a look at how your favorite celebrity looks in their old age.

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