The first impression of Dragon Quest Builders 2 after its world wide release.


    The Japanese video game company known as Square Enix, famously known for bringing out Final Fantasy, now has released Dragon Quest Builders 2, the sequel of 2018’s Dragon Quest Builders. The game is a Sandbox game, particularly role-playing that was released back in December 2018 only in Japan. But now the game has been released worldwide on July 12, 2019.

    Sandbox games are amazing. One can go beyond their mind and show off some appealing creativity. But at the same time, when one tries to make and build things up, there are lots of things that cannot go well, and we may go adrift between thoughts without proper instruction and direction. But here, in Dragon Quest Builders 2, the thing is different. You can make a way out, the same way you have imagined and with proper direction and instructions along with different level.

    Dragon Quest builders 2

    Dragon Quest Builders 2 sets some time after the events of Dragon Quest II. The builders are eliminated, and now there is a ban on creating anything. Here come the Children of Hargon, who are in retribution for the annihilation of Hargon and Malroth by  Erdrick. A player finds himself in deserted island accompanied by an amnesiac Malroth who aids players to escape and increase their building powers. In the same time, the player has to fight monsters and collect materials. There’s not just one island but many with different themes. A player can after collecting materials set up a base and attract people.

    The game is exceptional, and you will enjoy it. The story and game-play are so much intriguing that ultimately assures you to have much fun doing a heck of stuff. A player has to control either a male or female character. At some point in the game, if you wish you can change character gender and looks.

    The best update Builders 2 is fascinated with is the availability of both online and offline multiplayer feature up to four people. Other stuff includes gliding and underwater exploration.

    This is the admirable RPG and intriguing building game that one can enjoy without disappointment as this also stands atop from its predecessors. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available on Nintendo Switch and PS4.