The Gruesome Murder Case of Rebecca Schaeffer? Why Again?


    When someone brings you flowers and teddy bears you just can’t hate that person, can you? Rebecca Schaeffer was the hit actress of 1980 who starred in too many films in her time. Unfortunately, Rebecca was killed by one of her crazy fan who used to send her flowers and teddy bear.


    Rebecca played the role of a teenager in My Sister Sam in 1987. Although the show ended in 1989 after two seasons Rebecca was still getting major roles. She played in movies like Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair,  hijacking of a cruise liner and many more. Rebecca landed a role in The Godfather 3. She was supposed to play the role of Michael Corleone’s daughter, Mary.

    The script of the movie was going to reach her West Hollywood apartment but before that reached a mentally unstable lover. At 10:15 am Schaeffer answered a doorbell and was shot by 19-year-old Robert John Bardo. Robert was the person who used to send her flowers and gifts. As told by the security guard of that time he also used to visit her on sets and always was persistent to meet her.

    Bardo paid a PI(Personal Investigator) $300 to get know where she used to live. Bardo was later arrested and admitted to a mental hospital. He told that the first time he was Rebecca was in a commercial. Bardo got a gun using his brother when he was unsuccessful to get a gun. A young and very talented star left the world on that day due to a mentally unstable guy.

    When you look over this story you can realise how difficult a job is being a star. The security of the stars is no joke and the fans should always respect that.