The iconic singer Patti LaBelle gets a street named after her in Philadelphia


    It is altogether a different feeling for an artist when they get a sense of validation from their fans. Well, Patti LaBelle received such a positive response immediately after her first song back in the 1960s.

    In fact, Patti LaBelle has millions of fans who absolutely love her craft. The Philadelphia singer is a living legend for her fans… Her singing brought a different era. Her disco songs and pop songs became radio staples at that time. Till date, her songs bring a unique kind of energy along with the beautiful melody.

    About Patti LaBelle way……..

    You have enjoyed a lot of her vocals… Now its time to go out for a walk on Patti LaBelle way. Little confusing right ???? Let’s make it simple. Now LaBelle fans can listen to her song while walking on Patti LaBelle way. That’s a perfect combination. Isn’t it ???

    Actually in an event held on July 2, LaBelle was honored with her own street. I mean a street in Philadelphia is now renamed after the singer. A stretch of broad street will know to be called a Patti LaBelle way.

    The singer herself inaugurated the signboard which has now been installed with the new street name. LaBelle was extremely proud of herself. She was full of gratitude for her fans. She believes that her fans are the only reason behind this big achievement.

    At the event, she got nostalgic and recalled her connection with this street. She even mentioned that her parents used to go for a walk on this street now named after her. Though her parents are not alive anymore their contribution to her success got her this big honor.

    Moreover, she passed on a message to everyone out there, that people should believe in themselves which eventually is the reason for everything happening in our lives. Congratulations to LaBelle for such a great achievement.