The Lion King Which Made Our Childhood Is back with Hakuna Matata and Its mind Boggling.


    The Lion King is possibly the best movie we have seen in our childhood and the Song Hakuna Matata was the Motto of our Childhood. Disney has now made a live-action film to it, which is even better but we have to see Mufasa’s death again.


    The actor says that Lion King is the most excellent movie because the lesson we get from it is universal. Disney movies always have some hidden message which gives people life lesson, and Lion King gives a perfect one. Getting to relive the old sensation give people a sense of nostalgia.

    The cast of the movie is mixed with people who are actors and singers. The voice cast includes Beyonce whose voice sounds terrific (we all knew about that). The movie has kept everything the same, the message, the story, so what is new about these movies.


    The famous worldwide song we all know about “Hakuna Matata” is getting a remix for the movie. The movie brings out the idea of rediscovering something quite compelling and inspiring. Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and Billy Eichner’ voice to remake the original song was quite good. Their voice brings out the feeling of nostalgia and seeing this movie with new imagery, and the song will bring back people to their good old days.

    The voices of Timon and Pumba are not the one made from ruling the charts. The new clips provide the excellent old duo of the two we saw in our childhood. Their relationship reminds many of what they have in real life with some people. The movie teaches how to deal with the past and taking up to something which you left in the past.