The Princess Diaries Star Anna Hathaway Announces Her Second Pregnancy…


    Anna Hathaway is pregnant with her second child, and we couldn’t stop gushing over the new would-be mom.

    Showing off the baby bump

    The 36-year-old actress announced her second pregnancy on Wednesday via her Instagram account. She posted a monochrome mirror selfie wearing a loose white-colored tank top and shorts. With a smile on her face and a hand on her waist, she stood in front of the mirror showing off her baby bump.

    The picture was captioned with a teasing caption which read: It’s not for a movie #2. She moved on to talk about the infertility issue.  Infertility and conception have become major problems for a lot many women these days. She revealed that she’s also faced such problems in her pregnancies.

    Hathaway wrote: All kidding aside, for everyone out there going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love.

    It’s her second pregnancy.

    The actress hasn’t revealed anything more about her second pregnancy. So, we don’t know how many months she’s into the pregnancy or will it be a boy or a girl this time. On The Late Show in 2016, The Intern actress revealed that she lied to some about the details of her pregnancy. “Because people [would] come up and [have] good intentions but they were like, ‘Do you know what you’re having?’…” she told. To these questions, the actress replied, “And I was like ‘Hmm… No’…”

    Hathaway already has a three-year-old son named Jonathan Rosebank. She had him with her husband Adam Shulman in March 2016. According to an insider, the actress wanted to wait until Jonathan was a little older. She wanted him to have a sibling.

    In an interview with Shape magazine, Anna told that before she had her son, she was always working. But after giving birth, she had to build breaks in her year. “There are times when I’m just not available for work. Because I need to be at home,”, she added.

    Hathaway doesn’t drink alcohol anymore

    The actress has given drinking alcohol until her son turns 18 and not living in her house. In January, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Oscar-winning actress revealed that she loved alcohol, but his son was getting to an age where he needs her all the time, especially in the mornings.

    Well, there’s no doubt that Hathaway is not just an excellent actor but also a responsible mother. We wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.