It wasn’t Angelina Jolie’s fault why Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston got divorced


    Prior to the existence of ‘Brangelina,’ most in Hollywood had gotten accustomed to another power couple of which Brad Pitt was half – the marriage between him and actress Jennifer Aniston.

    Pitt had, of course, been the heartthrob of millions in the late 90s, while Aniston dominated the small screen with her presence on the sitcom ‘Friends’ during the same time period.

    The two tied the knot in the summer of 2000 in Malibu, California, becoming the darlings of the paparazzi and the subject of an endless stream of headlines in the coming months.

    Credit: Marie Claire

    But, divorce soon loomed largely, and the couple was separated after merely five years together in 2005.

    Fans have speculated about just what caused the rift for more than a decade, and the conversation continues to thrive, with an often-cited rationale simply being the pressure that the relationship existed within.

    Both Pitt and Aniston were magnets for the press and the eyes of the world even when they weren’t together, being deemed ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ and ‘America’s Sweetheart’ respectively, a situation which was only exasperated following their marriage.

    Another cause that has become debated in recent times is the possibility that the two might’ve disagreed on the question of having children, with Aniston supposedly having been the one more eager on the idea of procreating, and Pitt’s lack of reciprocation on the notion seemingly being another bone of contention.

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    Reflecting back on time, Pitt has mentioned that the period was also one where he had taken to substance abuse, and felt that his career had hit a wall.

    Many also often suspect that Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, which began right after his divorce with Aniston, might’ve previously been an affair that caused rising tensions to creep into his first marriage.

    It goes without saying that we won’t truly ever know just what happened, but it’s safe to presume that a throng of dedicated fans will continue to support Pitt and Aniston after their recent separations from spouses Jolie and Justin Theroux.