The shooting of Umbrella Academy season 2 to commence this Summer


    Great news for all the fans of Umbrella Academy fans out there as Netflix confirmed that the shooting of the second season of the superhero drama series to commence in Summer this year in Toronto Canada. But Fans have to wait for some time to get to see the characters come alive again on their screen.  It is being speculated that Netflix will telecast the series in the mid-2020. The season will have 10 episodes of approximately one hour each.

    The last season of the superhero series left the fans at the edge of the cliff surrounded with thousands of questions about what next? The second season will be coming to solve the mysteries and to resolve the unspoken. The last season came to an end with the Hargreeve cast going back in time by the expense of Pogo. Although it confirmed the original cast of Tom Hopper, Ellen Page will be there in the second season as well but the inclusion of time travel might restrict the screen presence of the cast as according to the script the characters will turn into kids due to the wrath of time warp. But the interesting part is, it might bring back the characters like Pogo, Cha-Cha, Reginald Hargreeves who died in season one due to time travel.

    Umbrella Academy has used most of the Gerard Way comic’s “Apocalypse suite”, So the second season will be more of “Dallas”. Moreover, the season will bring the kids to a new time period by time travel to stop the future catastrophic events from unfolding and thus saving the planet from any havoc and destruction. Although no official teasers or photos have not been published yet it is hard to comment on the current status of the pre-production of the series. As for now, we must wait for the second season to come and with a bang and solve all the mysteries that we are hung with, with the end of the first season.