The Southern Charms’s Stars Drama: Court Custody? Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel.


    Kathryn Dennis has failed her drug test, and Thomas Ravenel wants his kid’s custody back. He accuses his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis of failing his drug test.


    Ravenel has now rushed to court to take back the custody of his two kids after Kathryn failed a drug test. The court told both of them on June 13 to submit samples of blood, urine for the drug test. Thomas says that she produced a drug test on June 14, which had traces of marijuana. Thomas says that she has a prescription of medicine, but that does not include marijuana.

    Ravenel has made some big statements about her ex which IF are true then she can lose the custody of her kid. He disputes that her urine test is not as reliable as her hair test came negative. Thomas says she ware extension and bleaches her hair regularly, so the test is not reliable.

    The claims which Ravenel is producing are yet to be confirmed and are not supported y any strong evidence. He also says that his ex has purchased fake urine in the past. Kathryn did not make any statement directly pointing out the claim, but she has been responding on social media. Currently, Ravenel’s legal team has “yet to receive and are awaiting a ruling by the judge on the issues argued at the temporary hearing.”

    Dennis failed the custody to her kids in 2016 after failing the drug test and entered the rehab. She now says she is sober and has earned 50/50 custody of her kids. She has also denied all the allegations put up by Ravenel.