Things that you should know before moving to the US


    Are you moving to the US? Is your green card or Visa is on the way and you are confused about the US? Do you want to have a head start before immigration to the US? Well, you must be thinking that life in the US is all roses and no thorns. 

    Luckily, if you want an answer to such questions, then you are at right place. We will give you a detail about all the things that you must know before migrating to the US. Because the more you know about the US and its rules, the better. 

    What About International Travellers?

    Well, it can take years to get a green card to migrate to the US. But if you are not lucky enough to get a green card, then you have other options like ESTA and VISA. You will not need a VISA if your country is a part of the VWP plan. All you have to do is to Submit ESTA to your traveling agent, and you are good to enter the US. Now the question arises, that what is ESTA? ESTA, which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, works to make sure that the international travelers that want to enter the US are eligible according to the VWP program. US government formulated this security program. The primary purpose of this program is to allow international travelers from specific countries to visit the US for 90 days. It is mainly for the purpose of tourism and business.

    Most people have grown up watching Friends and other popular TV shows. Little did they know that life in the US is somewhat more complicated than they portray in TV shows. The US is one of those countries that offer the best facilities to its habitants. But it also has strict laws and policies. In the following article, we will give you detail information about the things that you must keep in mind before leaving for the US. 

    Language problem

    The people of the United States of America speaks the English language. Well, if you do not know the basics of the English language, then admit yourself in any English teaching institution before leaving for the US. It will allow you to adjust in a better way in the US. But no rules state that the English language is compulsory for immigrants. Once you reach the US, you will have to learn the English language. There are several English learning courses for adults which are pretty affordable. Moreover, children are taught the English language in extra classes. Id depends upon your own convenience that what language leaning plan you are looking for. 

    Tough life

    Unlike most people think, life in the US is not at a bed of roses. Although they give plenty of benefits, one has to work really hard to get them. If you are planning to do a job in the US, then keep in mind that you might have to work more than 12 hours a day. Moreover, unlike Asian countries, paid leaves are not a thing in the US. According to one of its rules, companies or firms are not bound to give paid leaves to their employers. Only about 21 holidays are offered yearly by some companies. On the other hand, if you are still studying, don’t get fooled by the charms of US life unless you are a landlord or rich guy. Most students in the US have to go for a part-time job to fulfill their needs. 

    Expensive Health Care

    Another major problem faced by most immigrants is healthcare. Although the US offers one of the best medical facilities to the general public, medication isn’t free. One must get health insurance if one doesn’t want to go bankrupt. Most people go for a private health insurance program, which is pretty wise. Else a minor accident or sickness can hit your bank. The hospitals never refuse to treat the patients. But health care in the US is costly unless you have an insurance plan. The plus point is federal-paid programs are available for children and disabled people.

    Expensive Lifestyle

    From education to daily use items, everything in the US is pretty expensive. In addition to high price tags, you have to pay 3-7% of tax on every item you purchase. The US has one of the best universities and schools in the world. But when it comes to paying their annual fees, this can really hit your bank. Some universities and even government offer scholarships and loans for needy students. But most students prefer to do part-time jobs instead of relying on loans. 

    Things that you need

    Just like any other country, there are certain documents that one must not forget while moving to the US. These include.

    • Your passport and identification card
    • An international birth certificate which is printed in English
    • TAX record and financial documents are a must. Immigrants can be asked at any point to show them 
    • Bring your medical records. 
    • Married or divorced people need to grab their marriage or divorce papers before leaving. 

    We have given you a glimpse of life in the US. Do not forget these things before leaving for the US. And be ready for some other unexpected experiences.