This Theory About Stranger Things 4 Being Tied To Chernobyl Is Actually Mind-Blowing


    Stranger Things hit Netflix with a jaw-dropping season last week. And everyone finished it as fast as they possibly could, so it comes as no surprise that Season 4 theories are already swirling. And some of what fans have managed to come up within a just a week is mind-blowing.

    Recently, a user by the name of Gamer_Nation took to Reddit to explain why Stranger Things season 4 could tie-up with 1986’s tragic Chernobyl disaster.

    The Reddit Genius’s Theory

    As pointed out by him, Season 1 of Stranger Things was set in winter 1983‬. Season 2 encompassed fall 1984‬ and season 3, the summer of 1985‬. So it’s plausible that Season 4 would take place in the spring of 1986. So far, it’s simple math.

    But then Season 3’s ending comes into the picture. The post-credits scene was set in Russia, where the Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26th April 1986, which coincides with the timeline of the show.

    The Post-credits scene
    Image credits: Netflix

    “Doctor Owens said that they use something familiar to convince the public to not look any further into the strange happenings,” the Reddit user wrote further. “So did a nuclear reactor explodes or did El have the greatest battle of her life?”

    The Merits Of A Believable Theory 101

    Frankly, the idea sounds pretty good, and it’s been done before- starting as early as Harry Potter (what do they always tell the Muggles?). You use something normal to cover up the truth, which would either not be understood or cause widespread panic. So could the Chernobyl disaster just be used in the Season to cover up a big supernatural battle?

    We don’t see why not!

    Stranger Things Season 4

    Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed a Season 4 yet, but it’s kind of a given (right?)

    The show’s creators Ross and Matt Duffer shared their vision for a possible Season 4 with Entertainment Weekly. They said that they had broad ideas but were “pretty excited” about the direction it would take. “It’s going to feel very different than this season,” they said.