Tobey Maguire might take over the reigns of Spiderman in a new movie


    Tobey Maguire might be set to take the reigns of Spiderman, again. The actor portrayed the role of the famous spider for three movies. The role was then taken up Andrew Garfield for the Amazing Spider-Man series. Tom Holland currently portrays the role as a part of the Avengers.

    Fans of the original Spiderman featuring Tobey Maguire might have something to look forward to. Marvel took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet. The tweet has fans speculating over the return of Maguire as Spiderman.

    The tweet was a picture of the number 4. The four was written in a spider web based font akin to the comic books.

    Esquire lent some thoughts about the picture. “Everything about the image, from the dark blue gradient to the shape of the spider seems completely in line with the Tobey Maguire iteration of the franchise” and the bottom left corner of the post reads “#MarvelComics.” So, is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 back on the table? Is this tweet merely hinting at a possible comic book follow-up or an entire feature film?”


    If Tobey Maguire were indeed to take hold of the reigns of the movie, it would mean that the movie is a sequel. The film shall up from Spiderman 3, which was the last movie in which Maguire played Spiderman. Spiderman 3 was panned by critics.

    Although the sequel to Spiderman 3 began in 2008, the project was stalled. The project was reportedly abandoned due to legal and creative differences. It was suggested at the time that the movie would have showcased the transformation of Dr. Curt Connor.

    Connor would have transformed into the lizard while Bruce Campbell would have had a more significant role to play.

    Since Spiderman 3, Tobey Maguire did not play a significant part in any movie. So, it would be great to have the actor back. However, none of this has been confirmed by Marvel.