Tom Cruise will be starring in Top Gun Maverick, trailer released in Comic Con


    Guess what?! Tom Cruise will be coming back for Top Gun: Maverick in 2020.

    Trailer released in Comic-Con
    Top Gun a very military style movie is going to get its sequel, Maverick after whole 30 years. Tom Cruise will be joining in; there will be many shirtless moments and of course flying jets! Well, there is a bizarre coincidence; there is a shortage of people applying for the  US Military at the same time. Tom is ready to awaken the soldiers within Americans for sure. The filming started last year in March, and Tom posted, “feel the need.” After so many years of waiting, Tom finally showed the official trailer on Thursday during Comic-Con, it was a surprise.Tom Cruise Maverick top gun

    The Trailer
    In the trailer, Tom Cruise’s character is still the same after 40 years, even a captain. Ed Harris says while dressing Maverick down, “You can’t get a promotion, you won’t retire, and despite your best efforts you refuse to die.” Why is he still a captain? “That’s one of life’s mysteries,” said Ed. This movie will unveil many of the mysteries. Hopefully, we will get to know why there has been no promotion. There were many stunts in the trailer, aerial acts, motorcycles speeding up, a funeral, and much more. This movie is full of action. The film will be in cinemas in Summer of 2020.

    I hope to see Tom Cruise as a fantastic captain that he is in real life as well. This action-packed movie is sure to win our hearts.