Tom Holland Revealed His Secret About Dating His Family Friend Olivia Bolton


    Now Tom Holland’s new relationship is out it was a mystery for some of us before she was a blond lady who was seen with Tom Holland before but recently he was seen packing on the PDA with at a Black Eyed Peas concert (lololol) is Olivia Bolton. And sorry to break it to you Tom said they have been dating from months.

    There is a great website that reveals that he was dating Olivia Bolton first while The Sun took things and also told about that she is working in London and at first she was introduced to Tom first by his parents well I think that is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

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    Then after some days, they started to hang out and also began to spend some time together and finely they started to dating each other.

    Tom and Olivia’s family have been friends from so long they are such good friends together, but it also took a little bit more time for Olivia and tom to realise the connection between them a source said. “Tom’s been dogged with rumours about who he’s dating so finally being public with Olivia has been a massive relief for him.”

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    For now, all of their friends and family think that they will make a perfect couple together and they both are agree with that statement. For some time Tom Holland fans were shocked in Spider-Man: Far From Home actor kissing a mystery girl. The several hearts were broke of their fans that he’s kissing an unknown girl.

    While it breaks it some of our heart also that Holland and Zendaya are not together, we are so happy that Avengers End Game Actor found his true love and it’s so lovely to see them happy together