Toni Marrison and her documentary which Hit us Deep in the Heart.


    Toni Morrison is a well known American novelist cum celebrity. Born and brought up in Ohio, the novelist had an interesting life full of lessons. Toni is known for her unique writings, mostly reflecting the struggles of black people. Her first novel is “ The Bluest Eye” written in 1970, which was a perfect start of her writing career. And recently a documentary based on Toni released on 21st June 2019 named “Toni Morrison The pieces I am.”

    What’s interesting in the documentary?

    Now we all are well versed with what happens in a documentary, but what makes Morrison’s interesting is her lifestyle and struggles. It covers how she evolved as a writer, editor. Her first novel was developed from an informal group meeting where a story of a black girl longing for blue eyes was discussed. Her works like Beloved and Song of Solomon is also notable, and she also received various rewards like Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize.
    Growing up, she noticed many instances of hatred and racism, but it was when she went, Howard realized how serious the problem was. But difficulties never stopped her from writing, going through a failed marriage and raising two kids alone, she created great writings.

    Some add on’s information 

    The documentary is directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, music directed by Kathryn Bostic. The novel “ Beloved” was made opted for a movie, and the documentary contains these instances too. The documentary beautifully describes the reality of races and giving the author much-needed recognition. Toni helped in raising the black literature.
    Toni got her inspiration from her grandmother, who used to read the Bible when it was illegal to do so. Her courage led Toni to keep the urge to explore the world of literature. She is an inspiration to many and loved by masses. All these facts sum up to an amazing documentary people can’t wait to watch.