Truck Drop Thousands of Dollar While Going Roads, People Went Crazy and Started Looting the Money


    The armoured car has spewed money. Pedestrians were seen to have taken undue advantage of the situation. A huge amount has been stolen by many. Cops are conducting an investigation to catch the guilty.

    Armoured Truck spewed money

    A peculiar incident of cash being rained has taken place in Atlanta. According to AJC reports, the doors of an armoured car had flung open as a result of which the huge amount of cash that it was carrying has come down like a waterfall. Though it is not yet known whether or not it was spewed or it was a devastating mistake.

    After Effects

    Stating the obvious, the rain of cash was like regaining paradise for the people who were on the road at that time. Drivers had stepped out of their vehicles to collect as much of the money is possible. However, cops were summoned immediately, but by the time they had arrived, the opportunists have driven far away.


    Cops of the Dunwoody Police Department are still investigating the amount that is missing and have circulated a notice that the ones who have purloined the money should return it immediately. Cops have added to their warning to the public that stealing money from the streets is considered a crime as well, and whoever would return them with honesty would not be punished. However, if anyone is caught, not returning the money would be taken under custody and might have to confront severe consequences as the Dunwoody Department is performing a stringent investigation.

    Two out of the numerous pedestrians who had pilfered the money have returned the amount they had stolen. The investigation is still on the run. The area in which the incident had taken place was under CCTV surveillance, and hence, it would be easy for the cops to get hold of those who are guilty.