Truth or Rumor? Is Kristen Bell Really Returning on Gossip Girl Reboot? Hear it from Kristen


    Now, who isn’t familiar with the famous American teen drama television series Gossip Girl? Gossip Girl is an immensely successful series, and the audience loves it. The latest news is that Gossip Girl is coming back. The show has a total of six seasons, and now after seven years from the last season, the makers have decided to have a reboot of Gossip Girl. Fans are more excited than ever.


    Original Cast or New Cast?

    Nothing has been made official about the cast of the show yet. So, there is still uncertainty whether the show will retain its original cast in the reboot or not. But Kristen Bell is giving some hints to her fans. In an interview, she disclosed about the possibilities of her returning to the show. She said, ” I find that to be very exciting.”

    Speaking about her role as a narrator, she remarked that the deep voice is not from the internet but the depths of human souls. When asked whether she will portray the role once again, she cleverly handled the question. Kristen said that she thinks the voice is inside everyone and she believes that it has not changed much. ” I think she’s still doing her thing” she added.

    Is Kristen Bell Returning?

    Kristen kept it a mystery and did not entirely reveal about her return in the show. However, she offered a potential role to fill up her place. Bell thinks that James Earl Jones would be a perfect choice.

    Chace Crawford, who played the role of Nate Archibald said that the reboot would have new characters in a new setting. But he would love to do a cameo in it. Gossip Girl was such a huge part of his life that he is open to any offers on his way.

    Gossip Girl Reboot

    The new version of Gossip Girl will pick up after eight years where it left. The original website went dark, and now a new group of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. It is going to depict the change that has happened to social media and the landscape of New York over the years.

    Come back soon, Gossip Girl.