Tuca & Bertie and Designated Survivor season 4 cancelled again by Netflix


    The political thriller Designated Survivor season 4 has been canceled. Is this the end of President Kirkman’s term?

    The drama Designated Survivor, was earlier canceled by ABC. However, Netflix thought of giving this series a second chance. In September 2018, Netflix ordered a 10-episode of Designated Survivor season 3.

    What happened so far in the Designated Survivor series?

    The story revolves around an attack that destroyed the US Capitol Building killing the President. Certainly, there are many who aspire for the coveted post. Amongst many, Thomas Kirkman gets chosen as the newly elected President. Post Capitol Building attack, Kirkman becomes the new President. During Kirkman’s tenure, he tries to maintain standards of good governance in spite of formidable opposition

    Who were the actors in the Designated Survivor series?

    Image: ABC

    The actors who were seen in the political drama, Designated Survivor were, Kiefer Sutherlands as President Thomas Kirkman. Adam Canto played the role of Vice President, Aaron Shore, Maggie Q as Central Intelligence Agency Officer Hannah Wells and others.

    Why did Netflix cancel the fourth season of Designated Survivor?

    ABC/Ben Mark Holzberg

    Netflix did not cancel the political drama because of bad ratings but adhering to the contract arrangements. Reportedly, Netflix had signed a one-year deal with eOne.

    What was Netflix saying about the cancellation of Designated Survivor season 4?

    Picture: ABC

    In a statement, Netflix said that they were proud to offer fans with the third season of Designated Survivor. They like to continue carrying all three seasons for years to come. They were thankful to the actor and executive producer of the political drama, Kiefer Sutherland. Netflix praised Kiefer for his brilliant and unforgettable performance as President Kirkman. Netflix also thanked the other producers, creators, EPs and other casts and crews for all their dedication and hard work for making the finale season a huge success.

    Is there any web series that was canceled after three seasons?

    Recently, Netflix also canceled another web series named, Tuca & Bertie. This web series also telecasted one season before cancellation on July 2019. This political drama, Designated Survivor too suffered a similar fate after telecasting one season.