Tupac’s Apology Letter To Madonna Revealed Major Secrets About their Relationship


    Madonna had received a letter from Tupac. Tupac had written to her sitting in jail. The supreme court has now seized the letter. The supreme court has made a decision to sell it off. Madonna has protested regarding its authorisation but has failed in her attempts. The auctioning of the letter has been confirmed.

    Tupac’s Letter to be Auctioned

    The “not very well-known” letter of Tupac which he had written addressing Madonna is about to be actioned. Young Tupac had penned the letter while in prison when he was 24. His letter contained the ruminations of a lover, the agonising separation from his beloved Madonna. However, the letter, though, contained elements of love but it was written to break all ties with Madonna. Young Tupac was 24 then, and Madonna was 37. He departed from life in the year following the year he had written the letter.

    Tupac's Apology Letter To Madonna Revealed Major Secrets About their Relationship

    Despite the pop icon’s protestations, her letter has been seized by the supreme court and an order has been issued regarding its auctioned. The letter was obtained from Darlene Lutz who happens to be Madonna’s art consultant and will be put on auction shortly. Although Madonna has argued about its authorisation, she has legally passed it off to her art consultant Darlene Lutz. It has now been confirmed by the Supreme court that the letter is no more possession of the pop icon Madonna and now belongs to the government. The court has firmed its decision of putting it on sale.

    More on the letter

    Since this letter was not very renowned and has come to limelight recently, the public is curious about its contents and the details of Madonna’s love life. Details have not been divulged, and thus the news of this letter to be auctioned has stirred curiosity in public and the fans.