Video: Baby thrown onto concrete floor by carjacker in horrifying footage


    A baby was forcefully hurled from her carrier by a man and thrown onto the concrete floor at a Milwaukee Gas Station recently, surveillance footage from the troubling incident has shown.

    The man, identified as Ronald Ziedman, had met the baby’s mother only a few days prior and had provided them both with lodging at his mother’s house.


    On the night when the incident happened, Ziedman had been drinking, and subsequently drove to the nearest gas station with the baby and her mother, whereupon they left their vehicle and entered a supermarket bathroom stall to change the baby’s diapers.

    Upon exiting, Ziedman can be seen suddenly entering into an altercation with the woman, struggling to grab hold of the baby’s carrier and shoving her mother away from himself, whereupon he tries to open the door and step outside.

    Credit: Milwaukee Police

    It’s at this moment when Ziedman attempts to snatch the carrier from the woman, although it accidentally slips from his hand and the baby can be then seen being hurled into the air and crashing onto the concrete floor.

    Ziedman proceeded to pick the baby up and put her back in the carrier, before going back to abuse the mother, who told police that she, at some point, lost consciousness because of the constant punching she was subjected to.

    Ziedman then, along with the baby, drove away from the station and went to the nearby Potawatomi Casino, where a guard then saw him and informed authorities.

    Ziedman has been previously convicted of multiple felonies, and this particular crime could land him in jail for almost 50 years.

    The mother and her baby have since been under care, and have been reported to be healthy aside from a few visible bruises and wounds.