Video: Delta Flight Passenger Record Video of Engine Fire From Inside the Plain!


    Delta Airlines flying from Atlanta to Baltimore in the USA did emergency landing due to complete engine failure and one of the passengers filmed the entire incident

    The pilot decided to land The Delta Airlines as it suffered an engine malfunction during flying from Atlanta to Baltimore in the US.

    As per the reports, people described that back of the flight was filled with smoke and with the burning smell in the cabin.

    When the pilot decided to do emergency landing, a woman passenger Rebecca Needham filmed the entire incident from her seat.

    While shooting Rebecca said “We’re not sure why the plane malfunctioned or what the cause was,”
    “They did say that the plane will now be retired.”

    One of the passengers said the incident was extremely terrifying.
    “Once it went, you had no doubt that it was major trouble and then seconds later, smoke started filling the cabin in the back, and you could smell it. It smelled like burning metal, and the cabin started to vibrate”…He added.

    It is said that the engine of the plane was completely failed and the pilot decided for an emergency landing.

    After that, they apologized to its passengers and passengers thanked the Delta Airlines for a smooth landing.