Video: A Four-Story Building, Near Dongri in Mumbai Has Collapsed 40+ Feared Trapped


    Just in, a four-story building, near Dongri in Mumbai has collapsed and 40-50 peoples are expected to trap under the remains of a collapsed building.

    The tragedy happened around 11 o’clock on Tuesday. Fire Fighters and the two quick-reacting teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are at the collapse site, analyzing and searching the survivors and people trapped inside.

    The area consists of narrow roads and lanes and the dingy buildings were affected by the rains a few weeks back. Ambulances and Fire Trucks aren’t near the building as the lanes are to narrow for them to enter near the collapsed building. The authorities from the National Disaster Response Force claimed that this incident was Level 2 destruction while obviously Level 1 is more serious and devastated.

    The people around the local hood formed a human chain to pass out the debris to clear the place somehow, where machines couldn’t reach due to the narrow layout of the area.

    The eyewitness said that the building was somewhat 100 years old and likely seven to eight families live there. This four-story building was located in a congested neighborhood where almost every side was surrounded by a building. The area was proposed and started to redevelop the locality.

    NDRF tweeted about the decision to send another team of rescue personnel to speed the operations with a team of doctors.