“Vin Diesel” Celebrates Michelle Rodriguez’s Birthday During ‘Fast And Furious 9’ Film Shoot


    Vin Diesel brings a delicious cake to celebrate Michelle Rodriguez’s birthday in the middle of the shooting of Fast & Furious 9.

    This video has hit 7.95million views in just a single day. This video was posted by Vin Diesel on his Instagram profile. In which he was wishing Michelle Rodriguez happy birthday and singing birthday song is withholding the cake in his hand.


    The whole star cast is seen in video capturing this moment and singing happy birthday Michelle. The whole set was turned into a small birthday bash. Everyone was happy and cheerful.

    The cake was also looking very delicious, and the star cast was also waiting to jump and eat the cake. Though fans also appreciated Vin Diesel’s idea.

    Reaction Of Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez was thankful with tears. She got emotional by this sweet gesture by Vin Diesel and showed his love and care for her fellow star. She wasn’t expecting anything like this on her birthday. She thanks everyone for making her day special and for remembering and celebrating her birthday. She wasn’t able to express her emotions.

    She was extremely happy and thankful for everyone that they made her birthday special even when she was busy with work and wasn’t able to celebrate her day as she wishes. She said that she was not going to celebrate her birthday due to her workload and shooting. And her friends and fellow star cast made her birthday remembered and fun.

    And therefore it was a great and a beautiful surprise for her to celebrate her birthday on set. And this was all because of the star cast of fast & furious.

    Happy birthday Michelle Rodriguez!!!