Violent Family Brawl Breaks in Disneyland


    What do you expect to see in Disneyland once you are there? Most of us would expect rides, happy people, lots of kids, cosplay, our favorite Disney characters. What’s the last thing that you expect in a happy place like Disneyland? Violence??

    How the fight started and got escalated into a Brawl

    Well, somehow that’s exactly what happened in Disneyland. There was an all-out brawl between members of a family. Even if you expected a fight in Disneyland, you’d have never thought that you could see a Battle royal among the family members. It all started with a verbal altercation that escalated when a woman spit on a man’s face after he tells her, “not to disrespect his daughter.” This seemingly pushed the man over the edge as he began throwing punches at the women who spit on him. He was possessed by rage and continued to strike the woman in the face. What makes it even more unsettling is the fact that the woman was holding on to a stroller occupied by two small children.


    The situation started getting worse, which prompted other family members to get involved. Another man stepped in at which point the case got more violent with every passing second. Many bystanders tried to handle the situation to no avail. It was the security who diffused the tension and stopped the altercation. A spokeswoman for Disneyland said that those involved with the scuffle were immediately removed from the park. For now, no arrests have been made. But police have begun the investigation as they are now in possession of the video which shows the family altercation. Police are investigating the video and bystanders statements to get a clear picture of what happened. And based on that they would file charges.