Watergate Scandal: Know More About One of the most Infamous Scandal of Last Century.


    Watergate Scandal: It was a political scandal which shook America and led to the resignation of then-President Richard Nixon. But where does it starts?

    It all started in the building named Watergate. Police was called to investigate a strange break on June 17, 1972. The break-in was to be specific that happened in the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Complex, Washington, D.C. But it was no ordinary incident.

    The plan was to get any information from the Democratic party, which would harm their reputation. If it was accomplished, then Richard Nixon, who was from Republic, could become a sole candidate who will be better than others. Hence, winning the election one more time.

    The doors of the Watergate building were ‘taped.’ This was done so that the doors would not lock and as per the plan, it will allow five burglars in the building to extract information. A security guard noticed it. With his instincts, he informed the police that something fishy is going on.

    The police came in time and arrested the five burglars. They soon got the idea that why would someone rob the Democratic Nation Committee office. And then it became all clear. They were there to extract political information. It was also apparent that members of the Democratic Party would not do something like this to harm their reputation. So the Republic Party came became the accused.

    Watergate Scandal

    Later, after investigation, it was also revealed that he used the CIA for his political gain. It also came to light that the burglars were given ‘hush money’ to be quiet about the scandal. He was not able to escape these accuses with new evidence.