Welcome Baby Girl – The Real Housewives of Orange County Alum Gretchen Rossi is Now A Happy Mother


    Holding a newborn is the best feeling a mother can have ever. And Gretchen Rossi is no exception. She became the mother of a baby girl on July 10, Wednesday. She is rejoicing and cherishing every single moment with her now.


    Welcome Baby

    In December, Alum and her longtime love Slade Smiley made this big announcement that the couple is expecting their first child. It was indeed a great moment for both of them. Yesterday, finally, the baby girl stepped into this world, bringing joy and happiness to her father and mother. The couple has already decided a name for the baby, and her beautiful name is Skylar Gray.

    The Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is a proud and happy mother now. Close sources confirm that both baby and mother are completely fine.

    Smiley already has two sons from his previous marriage Gavin and Grayson. Now, Skylar joins the family, making it bigger and more beautiful.

    The Journey To Motherhood

    Last December, the couple was assured that they are going to have a baby after several rounds of IVF and vasectomy reversal on Smiley’s part. The 41-year-old gorgeous actress Rossi had a bit difficult journey towards motherhood. They also celebrated their 10th anniversary in February.

    Rossi stated in one of her interviews that she was aware that IVF was the only way to get pregnant. In one of her IVF rounds, 14 embryos came out, and Rossi was extremely happy with the results.

    Huge Inspiration

    But, her happiness was temporary as the doctor gave them bad news saying all the embryos died just six hours before transferring. It was shocking for the couple, and they were completely shattered. She admitted that ” That was hard for me and Slade to come out of that.”

    However, with zeal and goodwill, the couple fought the difficult phase of their lives. They have certainly grown together, and Rossi sets an amazing example to all the wannabe mothers that nothing is impossible. She mentioned that the journey is not an easy one, but one can surely come out as a winner.



    They revealed the sex of their child in February on a grand occasion. In April she disclosed the name Skylar which she had picked up since her childhood. The middle name Gray is in honor of Smiley’s teenage son who has brain cancer.

    Congratulations Rossi!