What does Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s ‘Secret Meetings’ indicate??


    What’ really behind Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s ‘secret meetings’? Is this the start of a new love relation?

    Last six months have been only about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. From their film choices to their personal life decisions..pretty much everything continued to be the talk of the town.

    Early this year both the stars announced their breakups. Bradley Cooper separated from girlfriend Irina Shayk. They have a two-year-old baby girl named Lea. Currently, both are paying visits in the court for Lea’s custody. On the other hand, Lady Gaga split up with then-boyfriend, Christian Carino. Both these splits have had no solid reason. Neither Cooper gave any justification nor Gaga broke her silence on the split up.

    But soon rumors started that Gaga is the one behind Cooper’s break up. Though Lady Gaga came in public and denied all these rumors. But as per sources, Cooper and Gaga are romantically linked. Often both these stars are spotted at the exact same location. They fly overseas to meet each other. Is it just friendship? Or is there a love angle in this story?

    Many times Gaga gave a statement that Cooper is just a friend. But their actions don’t match up to their words. Fans firmly believe that Gaga and Cooper are dating. This June Gaga secretly attended Cooper’s show in his hometown. Cooper’s fellow performers posted pics of Gaga from that event. Though soon these pictures were deleted from the internet. Now, what does this indicate? Why are they having such ‘secret meetings’?

    Later that month Cooper came to New York in order to meet Gaga. He was spotted in Brooklyn the Apollo Theater where Gaga had a show on 24 June. Apparently, something fishy is going between the two. We hope that they reveal their ‘secret relation’ soon.