What does the last Instagram posts of Zayn Malik tell about him? Alone or Lonely


    The ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik has always been fans’ favorite since he joined the band. But it looks like these days, the handsome hunk is just killing his time all by himself.

    Zayn’s latest Insta post…

    The singer posted a selfie on 23 July on his Insta account with no caption. This was his second post this month. In the picture, Zayn is wearing a blue t-shirt with his neck tattoos peeking out from under the shirt. He is looking drool-worthy with his unkempt bed hair. Sporting a little beard and an eye-catching nosering and an earring, Zayn has many of our hearts beating.


    His posts suggest that he’s spending his time all alone…

    With his puffy eyes, the 26-year-old singer looks hot as hell. If we go by his Insta posts, we can see that the Pillowtalk singer is not much of an Insta guy. Except for the stuff related to his work and albums, he doesn’t post much these days. In his many of the last posts which are mostly selfies, he is often seen all by himself with no one around and sporting an ungroomed look with messy hair. That adds more to his handsomeness but one can’t miss the lonely vibes which we get from his posts.


    Zayn and Gigi’s relationship…

    The pictures do suggest that the singer is slacking off his time all alone. Zayn had an on and off relationship with his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Both of them have started dating in 2015 after Zayn left One Direction. But their relationship was very rocky with them separating and reuniting many times.

    And back in January, reportedly the couple finally split-up again. In May, when Zayn started following Gigi again on Instagram, some had thought that they might have come on good terms if not rekindling their relationship once again.

    In April, Zayn had also slammed the people who were badmouthing Gigi on Twitter and praised her always supporting him.

    Recently, rumors were are that the 24-year-old model might be having her eyes on The Bachelorette‘s Tyler C. after she followed him on Insta with him following her back immediately after. For fans who ship Zayn and Gigi, it seems they’ll be disappointed because as of now, it doesn’t look like the couple is getting back together once again.