What? “Donald Trump Jr.” and Singer “Aubrey O’Day” were Dating? Revealed


    Singer Aubrey O’Day revealed about her past relationship with the eldest son of President Trump, Donald Jr.

    What Singer Aubrey O’Day Revealed?

    Aubrey O’Day revealed that Donald Jr. Was her ex. He was his soulmate. But he chose a life of politics over living happily with her.

    The Danity Kane singer confessed her love for Trump Jr. Tuesday night while talking to a journalist. She asked about her recent musings about the president’s son.

    What? "Donald Trump Jr." and Singer "Aubrey O'Day" were Dating? Revealed

    Aubrey O’Day did not crumble her words while replying to the question as she admitted point-blank she feels she and Trump Jr. are soulmates, adding that the person he has become now, trumpeting his father’s regulations, is the not the man she knew at one period.

    The singer and Trump Jr. Actively had an affair in 2011 when Aubrey O’Day was a guest star on ‘The Apprentice,’ which was hosted and conducted by the president at that time.

    Though this didn’t work long, he left according to her. Or who knows what exactly happened. But according to her, she still loves Trump Jr and feels that he is her soulmate. We can’t assume what happened between them not comment on this as a notable person’s name is attached to it. And can be taken as political issues by opposition parties.

    We wish good luck to Aubrey!