What Is The Shocking Truth Behind Moon Landing? Neil Armstrong Put Up A Hoax?


    The human quest to conquer the unconquerable is a never-ending journey. And it’s not new. From time immemorial, we have witnessed how human beings have always tried to reach the top. Can we ever forget the extraordinary contribution of Neil Armstrong, the man known to be the first man to step his foot on Moon? He showed us that even dreams do come true. But after so many years, questions are raising regarding this whole moon landing matter.

    As the moon landing anniversary is approaching soon on July 20, questions are being asked about the authenticity of this whole lunar mission that took place in 1969.


    What Is The Truth?

    Did Neil took the “giant leap for mankind?” Well, many speculations are going on around it. Some doubters said that it was all a sham put up by the U.S Government to compete against the Russians. It was a fake lunar landing and Neil, and his companion shot this entire landing in the Hollywood Hills according to reports.

    Since NASA owns the photos, the actual truth of the whole matter is hard to find.

    What Is The Reason?

    Doubters have reasons to doubt this entire matter. Aldrin who accompanied Neil in this mission planted an American flag on the soil of Moon. The videos clearly show that the flag was waving. But this cannot happen since there is a vacuum in the Moon and no presence of wind. But NASA denied this allegation completely.

    Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker, has made a fake film about lunar landing according to theorists. They feel that with the use of technology, they were able to create an artificial spacelike set. However, NASA has shown samples of Moon rocks as their proof against this serious accusation.

    In a poll taken in 1999, it was seen that 6% of the Americans believed this whole lunar landing to be a complete hoax.

    Well. Debates are going on, but history can’t ever forget the phenomenon that Neil Armstrong created long back.