What Is The Story Behind Jeff Austin? Did He Really Committed Suicide?


    Jeff Austin, the founder of Yonder Mountain String Band. A mandolist, singer, a loving father, has sadly passed away. A few days back the singer canceled a show due to a ‘medical emergency’ at was admitted to the hospital. Jeff first picked up mandolin when he was a musical theatre student at the University of Cincinnati.


    Austin was born and raised in Chicago suburbs and attained the University of Cincinnati. Jeff met banjoist David Johnston and became close friends with him. Later down the line, they moved to Colorado and founded the Yonder Mountain String Band with bassist Ben Kaufman and guitarist Adam Aijala in 1998.

    Music brings souls together and who knew that this magical music group which was formed would win hearts in the future. Since that time the band has won six Top 10 albums on the bluegrass charts, including three Number One releases. Austin separated his ways in 2014 from the band. Jeff said that he left the band due to “creative and cultural differences.” The band posted that they were all about family.


    Since 2014 Austin toured around the world solo and performed solo shows. His solo shows were getting famous and were getting the name of Jeff Austin Band. Austin left the band after his daughter was born in 2014 and the rest of the band were really supportive of his solo career.

    The American bluegrass musician Billy Strings wrote on Instagram that ” Austin was a pillar to the community and he preached youth to play. The musician added that Austin bought an energetic audience to the bluegrass music.

    Jeff’s music was really well received by the listeners, and he made a good carrier out his solo tours. Austin wrote on his Facebook page on 22 that due to some medical emergency, he will be unable to perform in the music festival. He thanked the fans in the post for the support.


    After Jeff passed away, Yonder Mountain String Band posted a heartful message on the facebook page. The message said It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved family member, mandolinist, singer, songwriter, and founder of The Jeff Austin Band, and Yonder Mountain String Band, Jeff Austin”.

    Jeff touched the lives of many people and was an inspiring personality to the young musician of this genre. Jeff death came after he was unable to perform for the festival. No reason for his death has been revealed to the public yet. Austins’ manager said that he died at the age of 45 after being medically seduced to coma.

    Jeff will surely be missed by the band, the family and all the fans he left behind. The band said the same when they continued their tweet. A bio posted by Austins family online describes him as a “prominent figure in the neo-progressive bluegrass of the new millennium.” Numerous bands, singers and musicians mourn his sad death.

    Jeff was married to women named Devlin and was a father to Lily-Rose (12), Penelope (5), and Jude Patrick (2). Currently a go fund me has been set up for Autin’s family to help them in these tuff times. Jeff will be missed by the community and will never be forgotten as he was the integral member of the community.