What is up with the new Charlie’s Angels star Kristen Stewart now?


    Kristen Stewart in her whole life has been characterized by just one role. And that is Bella Swan from the very popular The Twilight Saga. And now after a long time away from huge movies, Kristen is making her come back as one the stars in the reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

    It definitely came as a surprise for the actress didn’t really want to be part of the big films. After the Twilight series’ ending in 2012, Stewart reportedly wanted a break from the big-budget movies and thus started acting in a string of small independent films.

    This was also because, according to some sources, the star wanted some time away from her over media and fan loved relationship with Robert Pattinson. The couple had made a spectacular start in their career with Twilight but unfortunately, they didn’t last. And to compensate the over-dramatic attention the two of them received, Stewart packed up her private life. And kept it private.

    After her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders in 2012, there was a slim hope for the Twilight lovers to be back. And they did get back for a brief time until they parted ways for final in 2013. The relationship that lasted for many years finally ended then. Though it doesn’t hurt for the fans to still hope.

    Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart are back:

    After Robert Pattinson, Kristen has had a series of relationships all kept nicely private. In 2016, she revealed to the public that she indeed was bisexual and more on the gay side. She had a brief relationship with her manager Alicia Cargile for about a year.

    And then came to the Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell into Stewart’s life. The couple hit it off instantly and even moved in together in 2017. All was going well or so we thought until they broke up after two years of dating.

    But now again rumors have sparked up that the two of them are making it work. In June, they were spotted grabbing dinner in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Maybe they are indeed back again.

    Kristen Stewart has experienced stardom since childhood and her recent developments, both in films and relationship has been encouraging.