What Will Happen To Bonnie In Big Little Lies? Crystal Fox Tells About Her Vision


    The latest episode of Big Little Lies season 2 has given quite a shock to everyone as we saw Bonnie’s mother had a vision of Bonnie’s lifeless body floating in the sea.

    Episode 4 She Knows adds a new twist to the show…

    Big Little Lies is just three episodes shy of its end, but it has gripped its viewers in the episode ‘She Knows.’ The name is a mystery in itself which had all of us wondering what it could possibly mean- What’s the secret? Is it the same behind Perry’s murder or something else? And who’s she here? But as the episode 4 ended, many of us had an inkling that it might have to do something with Bonnie’s mother, Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth played by Crystal Fox is an exciting character with prowess in voodoo and visions which makes Bonnie wary of her mother’s spiritualism and what dark secrets she might be able to discover. Talking to Entertainment, Fox reveals that as she looked into the Haitian culture, she was surprised to find the right side of these presumably dark powers and wanted to bring this healing side of it in her character.

    Big Little Lies
    Crystal Fox as Elizabeth in Big Little Lies Season 2; Credit: HBO

    What happens in Episode 4 of Big Little Lies?

    In the episode, as soon as Bonnie’s mother attends the costume party, she senses the lousy energy which triggers her visions (which were not so clear), but before she can say anything to Bonnie, she has a stroke and collapses. Back at the hospital, Elizabeth wakes, and the vision becomes clear in which she sees Bonnie drowning herself and then floating lifeless in the sea.

    Big Little Lies: What is the vision all about?

    After the vision scene, we’ve had many questions sprouting in our minds- Is the vision from the past or the future? Why is Bonnie drowning herself? Is she committing suicide and if not, then who is the one behind her death?

    When asked to Fox, she says that even she doesn’t know if the vision is from the past or future. Elizabeth wants to talk to her daughter to find out more. She further says that about the vision, Elizabeth doesn’t know herself whether it is literal in a sense or it just relates to when you feel like you’re drowning or suffocating because that’s what Bonnie thinks at the moment.

    Looks like to get answers to all these questions we have to wait for the next episode of Big Little Lies. We hope Elizabeth recovers soon to uncover all these mysteries and help her daughter, Bonnie with her life.