What’s the Meaning of Taylor Swift’s new Back Tattoo: Know Everything


    New Music Video of Taylor Swift titled ‘You Need To Calm Down’ showing a giant tattoo of Snakes and Butterflies on Taylor’s back has a reason…

    Taylor Swift is an American Singer and Songwriter. She is well known for narrating songs on her personal life. She is called as “Kween of Easter Eggs.”

    Her latest music video ‘ You Need To Calm Down ‘ is already out which has again captured the whole audience and more than the song her tattoo on the back has impressed everyone.

    What's the Meaning of Taylor Swift's new Back Tattoo: Know Everything

    In the opening sequence of the song, Taylor takes off her hot pink fur jacket to reveal her back tattoo starting at the middle of her back and stretching all the way up to her shoulders.

    The bold tattoo design shows a snake alongside, and a ton of butterflies, and the tattoo is as beautiful as Taylor Swift.

    But the tattoo is temporary.
    The idea of the Tattoo showing snake came from the whole Kanye when Kim Kardashian released ‘receipts’ of Taylor apparently agreed to Kanye’s controversial lyrics about her only on the National Snake Day.

    And the Butterflies on the back symbolize hope, change, and resurrection and it apparently sums up the messaging of T-Swizzle’s new¬†album ‘Lover.’