what’s wrong with Twitter? Why did it stop working?


    What is wrong with Twitter? Why does it stop working for the second time in a day? The reason behind the error for the first time was “internal configuration change,” which the site later fixed. But why is it down again for some people.

    At around 2:45 p.m. Eastern the Twitter went down for the first time in the day and then around the second time problems started cropping up around 7:15 p.m. Eastern.

    Without any late, the DownDetector start working on the problem and they had reported some issues for the second time problems.

    Credits: heavy.com

    This image clearly shows how the problems are climbing significant buildings.

    The outage map shows that the people mainly from the United States around the Eastern coast and the central U.S. started to face issues first and the problems extended to the other parts of the world. When you look at the Twitter status page, it currently reads that now the site is working, but it took a while to report the issues earlier today too.

    Credits: Heavy.com

    “Twitter is now back up for most people. We’re working on getting to 100% soon.” this is what the latest updates say.

    On the status page, Twitter explained the outage as  “The outage was due to an internal configuration change, which we’re now fixing. Some people may be able to reaccess Twitter, and we’re working to make sure Twitter is available to everyone as quickly as possible.”

    The issues reported at the second time is quite similar to the first time, Twitter is not loading for some people and for people it is showing error while loading the message like  “Try Again,” “Something is wrong,” “Cannot retrieve tweets at this time,” or “Something is technically wrong.”

    People are interested to know that “configuration issues” this was the main reason behind the extended Facebook outage in March.

    Some people are joking that President Donald Trump’s social media summit, which took place earlier today is the reason behind today’s outage.