Andy C.Ngo is Vietnamese-American Photojournalist and editor at an online platform Quilette. He documents the violence and insanity of Antifa in Portland.  Currently, he is pursuing his graduation in political science with research interests in secularism at Portland state university.

    andy ngo
    SOURCE: shift history


    Ngo worked for the Portland state vanguard while attending his graduation. The firing itself gained minor international attention. Following his shooting, he released a piece from the national review detailing the events of letting him go and that is the job of any reporter is to report facts.

    Recently Andy Ngo who is covering the Portland violent protest scene, attacked by black-masked Antifa activists as members of Antifa and other leftist groups clashed with the members of the proud boys and other conservatives. In a video he posted, his face was bloody and bruised from various cuts. Some of the demonstrators turned violent, throwing milkshakes mixed with quick dry cement, raw eggs, and pepper spray.

    andy ngo

    He said he went to the hospital as a result of his injuries and the suspects were at large. It is a brutal act for humanity. “I just got beat up by the crowd with fists and weapons in the middle of the street, but no police at all.” “They stole my camera equipment GoPro and punched me several times on my face and head.”He was then taken to the hospital and being shown treated by the authorities.


    Portland police said: “throwing substances and objects to people constitutes harassment. If you participate in this behavior, you are subject to arrest.” They advised the crowd to clear the streets. There are also reports of pepper and bear spray being used by people in the group. Officers deployed pepper spray during the violent incident. This is an act of civil disobedience and unlawful assembly.

    Hatred and violence can never be a solution to any problem. I hope things will get better soon!