Who was actually meant to be in Breaking Bad! Let’s find out !?


    We heard something really new and shocking from Chace Crawford while he is talking in an interview.

    He revealed that his co-star from Gossip Girl, Penn screen-tested for Jesse for Breaking Bad, he told The Independent in the very new interview. To everyone’s surprise, he did not screen-tested for Gossip Girl and got the role, but he did screen-tested for Breaking Bad and did not get the role, and the role was given to Aaron Paul.

    He also said, it is quite weird to not take Penn as in the role. He said I remember him telling me about the screen testing for Breaking Bad and not getting selected.

    Well, it could have been quite interesting to see Penn in Breaking Bad.

    It has a lot of times happened that celebs have screen-tested for many shows and then did not make it to the end.it also happened the same with Penn.

    Chace also said the same thing, he mentioned it and said it seemed very weird to him not taking Penn in Breaking Bad.

    Christopher Chace Crawford is an American actor who is popularly known for his role in the very famous Gossip Girl series (2007-2012) He is also known for his movies like The Haunting of Molly, Twelve and etc.

    He is a phenomenal actor and has some really exciting projects coming up.

    Similarly, Penn Badgley is also an American actor and a musician. He is the co-star of Chace. Also, he is popularly known for his role as Dan Humphrey in the series Gossip Girl. And also as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix original series You.