Why Is Area 51 Hidden From Us? What All Secrets Is The Military Base Hiding From Us?


    The event on Facebook “Storm Area 51, They Can’t stop all of us” has come to the knowledge of the US airforce. And their severe reaction tells us that they want to keep the secret of Area 51 hidden.

    The joke that became a worldwide event

    The event which aims at storming into the US military base, Area 51 to meet aliens started as a joke. But surprisingly, it received a humongous response from people around the world with 1.7 million going and 1.3 interested. It says that if people will naruto run, they can move faster then the guards’ bullets.

    The stern reaction of the US forces

    Laura McAndrews, a spokesperson for the US Air Force, told Washington Post that they would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where they train American Armed Forces. Matty Roberts from California who created the event told KLAS-TV in Las Vegas that it was just a joke, but then it got a little spooky with many taking it seriously. Roberts said that he was afraid of revealing his identity due to the fear of FBI agents knocking at this door.

    What are all secrets hidden in Area 51?

    Area 51 is located in southern Nevada, 83 miles north-west of Las Vegas. It has been in talks for being the most secretive military base in the world. No one knows what goes around there though officials have time and again said that it’s a spacecraft testing ground. The bottom is shrouded with many conspiracy theories revolving around its association with aliens and UFOs.

    ¬†Many UFOs have been sighted in the area. It’s believed that Area 51 has the remains of crashed UFOs where scientists reverse engineer the aliens’ highly advanced technology. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the base might have hidden aliens where meetings with the extraterrestrial beings are also held. Some say that the station has constructed secret underground tunnels.

    The base is heavily guarded with fenced barbed wires, personnel with guns and heavily armed patrolling teams. No one is allowed in the vicinity of the military base lest they’d be slapped with a hefty fine and their heads at many gunpoints. Built-in 1955, it was acknowledged as a military base by the US forces only in 2013. The thing which makes it more mysterious is that Area 51 couldn’t be located on the map until last year.

    All the secrets and the US forces’ constant effort not to reveal anything about the base have made us think that all the conspiracy theories might be right.