Why Maritza Is The Most Hated Character In Orange Is The New Black? What Happens To Her In The Season Finale?


    Orange Is The New Black is one of the most favorite series of all to binge-watch on Netflix. The show was a super success from the beginning, and its storyline is extremely engaging. Netflix recently released the season 7 of the series and people all over the world are going crazy over it. Among the many inmates of the prison, Maritza Ramos was one of them in Litchfield Penitentiary. Her character was missing in season 6, but now she is back with a bang in season 7. This final season is full of surprises, and the reappearance of Martiza is made it all the more exciting.

    Martiza Ramos

    Diane Guerrero plays the role of Martiza in the series Orange Is The New Black. She is feisty, silly, and quick-witted. Flaca is her best friend in the show. Maritza is shown as a problem solver in difficult situations. One interesting trait of her character is that she is full of sarcasm and humor. Martiza became an instant favorite of the audience because of her free and bubbly nature.


    Where Was Maritza in Season 6?

    In the season finale of season 5, Maritza and Flanca were separated. The guards sent them to different locations after the riot. The audience never got to know about Maritza until once Flanca casually mentioned that she is a thousand miles away.

    In the third episode of season 7, the audience sees Maritza partying at a club with a friend in Brooklyn. An NBA player whom she hooks up invites her to L.A, and she accepts the offer knowing that she will violate her parole rules.

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    Maritza in Season 7

    However, after an ICE raid in the club, she lands up once again in prison. The shocking truth about Maritza’s origin is that she is not an American citizen, and her mother lied to her about it.

    Maritza, with the help of Flaca, tries to contact immigration lawyers to help her but the ICE officers decide to deport her.

    There is one extremely heartbreaking scene for all Maritza fans. They forcefully dragged her with handcuffs and did not let her have the last word with her friends. She is put into a jumbo jet with other immigrants.

    Maritza is shocked, and all other detainees slowly fade off from the screen. This sequence in the series is a realistic portrayal of how immigrants are treated by America and the ICE over the decades.