Why Mehbooba Mufti Commented to the Indian Government “Don’t Touch Article 35a”?


    Yesterday a comment was made by Mehbooba Mufti. That the government should not touch or change article 35A.

    Let’s Know Her Reason Behind This Statement

    Article 35A allows citizenship like a country for Kashmiris. They are only allowed to purchase real estate. They have their own citizenship. And this law can be abolished as it is not permanent law.

    And Mehbooba Mufti doesn’t want to rule Kashmir according to the Constitution of India. I wonder that as Kashmir is the part of India then why there should be another Constitution for Kashmir. It should run according to the Constitution of India.

    What Mehbooba Mufti Commented On Article 35A

    Why Mehbooba Mufti Commented to the Indian Government "Don't Touch Article 35a"?

    Mehbooba mufti tried to warn the Indian government that they should not touch article 35A. She said that this article is fire and you will burn yourself in this fire.

    You should not fiddle with this article. And she concluded that Kashmir is a sensitive topic. And the government should think twice before taking any decision. And should discuss this with the public of Kashmir. The government should understand what is good for them.

    Why We Want Kashmir To Join Our Constitution

    We are Indians. And Kashmir is our heart. Kashmir is heaven on earth. And is the heartbeat of the country. And it should be regulated through the same Constitution and should be governed by The mutual government we respect and follow. Kashmir is ours. And we want it to join us in every way. So that the enemy forces don’t take us lightly. And they should understand that Kashmir is the heartbeat of India and we can’t let them do anything with it.