Why there was no Google Doodle for World Emoji Day? What is it now?


    uniEmoji’s were introduced a while back, and we have adjusted to them entirely. Emoji provided a platform to convey feelings accurately. This is to the World Emoji Day.


    Emoji has been an integral part of our conversation. Everyone loves to use them, and they make the conversation interesting. Over the years, emoji have evolved a lot and have become better in conveying the emotions. The oldest emoji could be found in Yahoo messenger, and from there, the world picked it up.

    July 17 is the unofficial World Emoji Day which is observed as a holiday. This day is very trending over twitter and Instagram. In 2015 emoji historian Jeremy Burge unofficially announced 17 July as world emoji day. 17 July was chosen according to how the calendar emoji is seen in iPhones.

    Emoji were first created by a Japanese artist in 1999 and were called by a different name. Emoji means pictograph. Companies are celebrating this day in their best way they can, by giving us more emojis. Apple will be releasing 70 new emojis on iPhones, mac, and on iPad with their latest update. The emoji will have more new expressions, and more animals will be added.

    The emojis have been getting more friendly and gender-neutral. Right now, there are thousands of emojis available depicting different emotions, genders, race, and mood. Emoji have changed the conversation by a lot. They affect the pace of the conversation; they have taken us to an era of virtual communication.

    Some people are convinced that they make the conversation interesting, and some think they are just annoying. Using the emoji is up to you, but they sure keep things interesting. Through emoji, you can coney the feelings or emotions which you can’t convey through text, so they sure do help.

    Due to this confusion about google’s view, they haven’t made any Doodle for the day.