Will Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul star in the Breaking Bad movie?


    It appears that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are set to return as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the Breaking Bad movie that reportedly has already completed the pre-production stage and is set to begin principal photography sometime this year.

    A testament for this was found earlier in July, when Cranston and Paul posted identical photos of two mules on their respective Instagram profiles with the caption ‘soon,’ followed a week later by a picture of them together in a lake that carried the words ‘even sooner.’

    Of course, Cranston’s appearance in the potential movie earlier had doubts cast over it due to his production house, Moonshot Entertainment, ending its exclusive, first-look deal with Sony Pictures and instead of going over to their rivals Warner Brothers.

    But Cranston’s acting roles, it now seems, remain unbound by contractual obligations and mostly unaffected by his massively lucrative production deal with the legendary studio.

    Credit: LAD Bible

    Often regarded as one of the greatest productions in the history of television, Breaking Bad was created by showrunner Vince Gilligan and focused on the journey of Walter White, a former chemistry professor who takes to the world of drugs as his family’s financial future is threatened due his cancer diagnosis.

    Rumors about a potential movie set in the shows world-first began circulating in late 2018, after reports emerged that permissions to shoot in New Mexico, where much of the series is set, had been obtained by representatives at Sony Pictures.

    The movie was then confirmed to have a working title of ‘Greenbrier,’ and supposedly features Jesse as the primary protagonist.


    Presumed to be released in 2020, the movie will first debut on Netflix, before going over to television for a premiere on ABC, the network that carried the original series.