Will “On a Roll” From Black Mirror Become Miley Cyrus’s Next Big Thing? A Reflection Of Her Real Life Story?


    Miley Cyrus gave her fans a little twist at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend. The singer stepped into character as Ashley-O from Black Mirror with a neon lilac wig. Then she delivered a spectacular performance of ‘On a Roll.’

    ‘On a Roll’ is a song performed by her character Ashely O in a Black Mirror Season 5 episode titled ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’.

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    A Smashing Success

    Post-release, the soundtrack has crossed 18 million streams on Spotify, 11 million streams on YouTube and continues to climb the singles charts in both the US and the UK. According to Billboard ‘On a Roll’ hit 5.7 million streams in total last week, a figure that is close to Miley Cyrus’s latest single ‘Mother’s Daugther’.

    And the popularity of the song continues to rise, fuelled by its fan base from The Black Mirror. It could even now surpass ‘Mother’s Daughter’ to become Cyrus’s latest biggest hit. The song has already outdone ‘Mother’s Daughter’ on Spotify. It currently stands fourth on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist about 30 spots higher than Cyrus’s actual song.

    Does The Song Represent Miley Cyrus’s Actual Life?

    The episode in which the song played “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” shows Cyrus as an up and coming pop star Ashely O. She finds herself surrounded by people who push her to reach fame quickly, by creating a digital copy of her to perform bubblegum pop songs. But Ashley hates performing ‘On a Roll’. Instead, she wants to make more personal and effective music with a level of artistic integrity.

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    A lot of fans think that this is a representation of Miley Cyrus’ own life. She too was thrust into the industry as a young star, possibly often with people who didn’t share her vision or want the best for her. The singer has previously talked about the emotional toll that her early fame took on her.

    Fans seem to think that this is her way of starting a conversation about stars in the pop music industry, and they may be right.