Will Robert Downey Jr Bag an Oscar Nomination for Avengers Endgame


    Robert Downey Junior’s last movie as Iron Man killed it at the box office. It made billions in mere days (and sent plenty of people into tears with his character Iron Man’s death, but let’s not mention that). And if you think that the 54-year-old actor deserves an Oscar nomination for his performance as Iron Man, you’re not alone.

    Read on to find out why Robert Downey Junior could have an Oscar nomination coming soon.


    Due Credit For Phenomenal Acting: Directors Russo Believe He Deserves An Oscar

    Both Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of End Game, Infinity War, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War believe that Downey’ deserves an award.

    Russo told The Washington Post in a statement that Downey’s work in all the MCU movies starring Iron Man was “staggering.” He said that the actor’s work in just the last four Marvel films he appeared in was phenomenal enough to earn him an Oscar award. “He deserves an Oscar perhaps more than anyone in the last 40 years because of the way that he has motivated popular culture,” he continued.


    His Two Previous Oscar Nominations

    Robert Downey Junior has been nominated for the Oscar previously in his thirty-year long career. In 1992, his work in Chaplin earned him a Best Actor nomination. And then in 2008, his hilariously done role of Australian actor Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder got him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. And if those did, Marvel fans at least think that Iron Man’s acting must be recognized by the academy.

    Actor-director Jon Favreau Is Ready To Vote For Him

    Actor-director Jon Favreau has acted with Downey Jr as Tony Stark’s friend, Happy Hogan in the MCU films. And he is already hoping to get to vote for him to win an Oscar.

    “He has my vote for sure,” said the 52-year-old in an interview with variety. “I think he was able to discover and explore dimensions of the character over the course of many, many films, which is a bit of its own category.”

    He also added that Tony Stark had a beautiful arc journey as a character.

    So what do you think? Will Downey Jr. get nominated for an Oscar/ Let us know in the comments below.