Will the fourth season of Designated Survivor appear on Netflix?


    The American political drama series created a great buzz with its third season on Netflix. But the future of the next season of the series is on shaky grounds as both ABC and Netflix has canceled renewing of the show and will not be there anytime soon.

    The story of Thomas Kirkman started in 2016 in ABC and in the next year they came up with the second season comprising of 22 episodes. The show was then released on Netflix for people to watch outside the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, ABC then canceled the show and Netflix got the rights and showed the 3rd season of the political show on their platform. The show was shortened and just had 10 episodes.

    The reason behind this cancellation can have two reasons, One there could be some tiff regarding contract negotiations with the cast which could not be resolved. The second reason could be the “not-so-good” performance as it was expected by Netflix. As Netflix does not release the figures of viewership it is very difficult to get into the real reason.

    Netflix recently released an official statement where it said:” We are proud to have offered the fans the third season of Designated Survivor and will continue to and will continue all three seasons for years to come…” After Netflix, no other platforms have taken any initiative to relaunch or take the rights of the show as of now.

    There were speculations that Netflix might come up with the fourth season of the show in the summer of 2020, the same year of the US Presidential elections. But the hard time for the fans of Kiefer Sutherland aka President Kirkman as the show has been put on shelves for eternity now.