Will there be a designated survivor season 4? Fan Theory has some Doubts.


    The designated survivor is an American political thriller drama television series created by David Guggenheim. It aired on ABC for two seasons, but from season 3 onward it will air on Netflix.

    Is the series returning on Netflix?

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    Netflix has not yet confirmed a Designated Survivor season 4. But fans are speculating an official announcement about the show in July. It seems there’s a good chance for the new season in the next year 2020. But then changes can still happen when things are in the bubble.

    Few positive signs prove that new season will return for sure. The show is a hit overseas, and it remains on the popular list in the U.K. streamer. Because of the passionate fanbase.

    Star cast:

    The television series stars Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman, Natascha as Alex irkman. Maggie Q as Hannah Watts, Kal Penn as Seth. Adan Canto and Aaron Shore can also be in the star cast. Italia Ricci will play LaMonica as James Ritter and Emily.

    Tanner Buchanan may be back for the fourth season. The character was not seen in the designated survivor season 3, but this time there’s no reason for his disappearance.


    What could happen in the new episodes?

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    At the end of the season 3, low-level cabinet member Tom Kirkman won the election and became president. After a devastating attack on Washington. He discovered that his opponent Cornelius Moss was not involved in the biochemical controversy. He chose to keep this information as a secret and not to release publicly. But the president realized that he’s becoming like everyone else with power in the white house. He is becoming like every other politician. You can say that season 4 will be about Kirkman’s moral compass and integrity.

    Well, it’s confirmed that Netflix won’t easily drop designated survivor season, but the official confirmation is still missing from Netflix. But fans can hope for the good news sooner or later.