Will We Have Saint Seiya Knights Of The Zodiac Season 2 On Netflix?


    Recently, Netflix added another series in its anime library- Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac. Some of you might know what it is and for those who don’t, then read on.

    The giant streaming platform is evolving day by day by bringing different shows from different genres to its diverse audience. Manga animes is one such genre which is extremely popular especially in the Eastern countries. This time, Netflix has picked up a hugely popular Japenese anime Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac which was released on 18 July 2019.

    The anime is hugely popular in Japan for many decades…

    The series is a remake of a story that has been adapted multiple times. Initially, it was published in the legendary Weekly Shonen magazine in 1986. It’s run extended to 1990 after which it was released as a standalone series having 28 volumes. Later on, it was adapted for numerous video games, two novels, six animated films, and a stage musical.

    The much-loved franchise also has a spinoff anime Saint Seiya Omega. It’s huge popularity led to many sequels- Saint Seiya: Episode G, Next Dimension, The Lost Canvas, and the most recent Saint Seiya: Sintia Sho.

    What about season 2?

    Season 1 streaming on Netflix has left many things untold about Seiya. Looks like they might be setting the stage for Season 2. But whether the series will be renewed for a season 2 or not depends on its viewership.

    Till now, Netflix hasn’t announced anything concerning the anime’s season 2. But considering that the anime is already a cultural powerhouse in Japan and has its decades’ old fans around the world, it won’t be too hard for the series to garner an audience. So, we might have a season 2 soon.

    What is the plot?


    Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac tells the story of a boy Seiya who aspires to be a Saint. Here, a Saint is one who has the duty of protecting the daughter of Zeus, Athena. You can say that they are more like bodyguards of the purple-haired Goddess of War and protect her amid battles against evil forces. These saints have many powers including summoning the Cosmos power, fighting without any weapons and shattering the whole sky.

    Anime fans can stream season 1 now on Netflix. And while waiting for season 2, you can raid the other adaptations of the series.