Willy Wonka and Choclate factory star Denise Nickerson is no more


    About Denise Career

    Denise Nickerson the famous name, especially for a 70’s child. She was an American Actress. She did some memorable roles like Violet Beauregard in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Allison, Amy Jennings, etc. The producers and directors always saw a spark of talent in her, which made her even promising. She left her acting career at the age of 21 and decided to go into the profession of nursing. She briefly appeared only on Television.

    Image Credits: News.com.au

    How and when did she die?

    Denise died on the 10th of July at the age of 62. It is said that on July 8th her son and daughter in law went out on a doctor’s appointment and she being alone had accessed and ate several medicines, when her son came he immediately took her to the hospital. The doctor then declared that Denise caught Pneumonia, on July 9th, she had a significant seizure and went into the state of comatose. And on July 10 she was no more.

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    Her health

    Denise’s health was degrading in from past few years due to which on 2018 June she went through a pretty severe stroke; she was released to go home on August before that she was in Rehabilitation centre. To note one more thing, in 1976 Denise met with an accident and had a leg cast. But everything seemed fine from 2018 August being on medications.

    Her loved ones

    Denise’s near and dear ones were deeply affected by her demise and need some personal space right now. It was just like a shock to her fans who were there for years rooting an praying for her. The industry has lost another gem, but in it’s the way of life we have to accept it and move on.